[To-DO] A C++ Client (based on the Crystal Space Engine) and C++ Server which provide to the user a complete RPG Experience when used together with a set of scripts (Ruby).

Unlike most other RPG projects we intend to provide complete flexibility, allowing these scripts to control all aspects of the game. The game will provide both Multiplayer and Single Player capability (in the latter case a server will be spawned by the Client) allowing an implementation of the "NWN Intimate-Multiplayer-Online-RPG" but giving DM's the power they need to create a true RP server.

With the stable version of this C++ Client and Server we will provide a unique ruleset and set of scripts to form an immersive single player experience. This ruleset will not be based on the "D+D (war) style of gameplay, and attempt to fit into our communitys ideas of how a RPG should work. One of the key changed here is the reduction of statistics available to the user in number form, and a more realistic approach to health. Server Admins and Expansion builders will be able to use any ruleset they desire as these ruleset scripts will work with C++ Server to create the desired rules (For Example the Server would understand how to inflict damage from a sword, the scripts define how much and the chance of missing and the like..)

Currently our community stands at 4 RPGers with some experience in programming, story and world design.

Our initial intention is to produce a Tech-Demo of the ORPG and make it available to the public, and specifically current servers within the RPG community (I.E NWN Servers, Privately Run MMORPG Servers) in the hope of further expanding and creating a full-length, exciting Single Player and Flexible RPG.